Directory of (100+) “unpublished” Scottish grant-making trusts

“This is an excellent piece of work! Many thanks!” Adrian Gibaut, Rivernorth Charity Consultancy and Training

“This is wonderful – thank you. Just glancing through we have already found the missing piece of a puzzle we were struggling with.”

“It’s great to see trustee names (not available on OSCR) with extra detail on their further connections, as well as details of newly-registered trusts too. Thanks so much!”

“an amazing piece of work”

In June 2012, ResearchPlus published a directory of (100+) Scottish grant-making trusts. It contains details of 123 grant-making trusts registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). None of them were included in the Directory of Social Change (DSC) trustfunding website (June 2012). A few of them are included in the SCVO Directory of Funding (2012), but I include more information than SCVO on these trusts. Nine of the Trusts are newly registered, so there are no accounts available yet. The vast majority are established grant-making trusts. 21 entries are based on accounts from 2008. 35 entries are based on accounts from 2009. 27 entries are based on accounts from 2010, and 31 entries are based on accounts from 2011. 27 are limited companies.

In order to demonstrate relevance to fundraisers outside Scotland, wherever I spot connections to the rest of the UK, I mention them. This could be charities they fund, home addresses of trustees, etc. I also look out for overseas projects the Trusts support.

Looking at the 120 trusts for which I have accounts, the figures for annual income range up to over £5,000,000. Ten are between £1,000,000 and just over £5,000,000. Forty three are from £100,000 to just under 1,000,000. Three of the featured trusts awarded grants amounting to over £1,000,000. Thirty five awarded grants amounting to over £100,000, and below £1,000,000. Two trusts have total assets of over £10,000,000, and forty nine have total assets of over £1,000,000, but below 10,000,000

The report would be a searchable PDF (no editing/copying) for your organisation only, and would be clearly marked as such. It is not for sharing around. I have got bills to pay as well. A few years ago, I was sent a PDF of a directory that someone else had published. I sent the publisher a cheque.

Where possible, I included information under the following headings:

Charity Number, Charity Name, Correspondent, Address, Phone, Fax, Website, Email, Accounting Period, Gross Income, Objects, Geographical spread/main operating location, Charitable Purposes, Grants awarded, Grants total, Assets, Trustees – names and brief biographies, Wealth information, Application process & timings, Notes

The report was available £100 for freelancer researchers (possibly more). It is available to non profit organisations for £75. Non profit organisations with an annual income of less that £5,000,000 can apply to buy it for £50. I don’t charge VAT.